The Animal Eating Animals-Carnivores

What are they in general? Carnivores are meat eating animals. The meaning comes from the Latin word “carnis” meaning meat or flesh. They are organisms that derive its energy and nutrient requirements from a diet consisting mainly or exclusively of animal tissue. Most, but not all, carnivorous animals are members of the Carnivora order; but, not all members of the Carnivora order are carnivorous. "A... Continue Reading →

Animals-Meaning, Origin & Its Types

The word "animal" comes from the Latin word animalis, meaning “having breath, having soul or living being”. They belong to the kingdom of "Animalia". Animals are multi-cellular organisms whose cells contain nucleus enclosed within membranes, unlike bacteria and other viruses. Animals consume food that is within its food chain. They can able to move, reproduce and can breathe oxygen for... Continue Reading →

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